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OregonSaves is an easy way to help your employees save for retirement. It allows workers in Oregon to take responsibility for their own financial future by saving now, through payroll deduction, into a Roth IRA account in the OregonSaves program. Research shows that employees are more productive when they have less finance-related stress.1 They are also 15 times more likely to save for retirement if an option is available at work.2 OregonSaves helps you as an employer compete to attract and retain good employees. We know your primary responsibility is to keep your business running smoothly, and the program is designed so that you will have a simple and limited role.

Now is the time to encourage retirement savings

If you’re ready to start helping your employees prepare for retirement, join OregonSaves today. We’ve opened enrollment for all eligible employers. Registration is simple! You only need two things to get started:
  • Your company’s Federal Employer Identification (EIN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Your OregonSaves access code, which can be retrieved by calling our Client Service team at (844) 661-1256

From there, you’ll serve a straightforward role as the facilitator - providing program information to your employees, making payroll deductions, and providing updated employee information.

I’m ready to get started


OregonSaves Employer Setup

Reference our Employer Handbook and Employer Registration Overview Video for detailed instructions on completing the registration process.

1. Receive notification

2. Go to employer.oregonsaves.com

3. Register your business

4. Create your account

1Finding the Links between Retirement, Stress, and Health, 2016.

2AARP Access to Workplace Retirement Plans by Race and Ethnicity Fact Sheet, based on EBRI research.

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