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Work hard. Save easy.


Begin the registration process by using your company’s Federal Employer Identification (EIN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN) along with the OregonSaves access code you received.

Need to retrieve your access code? Call (844) 661-1256

OregonSaves can benefit employers, too.

Research shows that employees are more productive when they have less finance-related stress.1 They are also 15 times more likely to save for retirement if an option is available at work.2

OregonSaves gives your employees the opportunity to save for retirement and makes it simple for you to facilitate. By contributing to an IRA account through payroll deduction, they can take control of and plan for their financial future now by using payroll deductions.

We know your primary responsibility is to keep your business running smoothly, so OregonSaves simplifies and limits your role. It can also help level the playing field when you compete to attract and retain employees.

Already offer a retirement plan?

Thank you for helping your employees save for their future. Certify your exemption with just a few clicks.

Your role

Because we appreciate what it takes to run a business, we keep it as simple as possible when it comes to facilitating.



Employers with any size business can register now. As your deadline approaches, we’ll send a reminder to take action.


Account Setup

Once you register, you’ll need to create a payroll list and add employees. You can add delegates or payroll representatives to assist with these tasks.


Account Management

After your account is set up, you’ll move into maintenance mode – submitting contributions and updating your employee list.

What do Oregonians think?

“Now I’m saving with every paycheck”

Autumn Borroz

Stylist at Annastasia Salon

“Retirement was a missing piece for us.”

Luke Huffstutter

Owner of Annastasia Salon

“We should be proud in Oregon, living up to our heritage as trailblazers.”

Tobias Read

Oregon State Treasurer

“We can help employees save for retirement one paycheck deduction at a time.”

Kim Stegemen

Executive Director of Rose City Rollers

“It offers small business owners and their employees a chance, an option, to save for retirement”

Saleem Noorani

Owner of Cork & Bottle

“OregonSaves is a great tool for a small business owner… it helps us recruit solid workers, helps us retain solid workers”

Josh Allison

Owner of Reach Break Brewing

“It was really easy to set up. I just went on to the OregonSaves website and entered my employee information”

Terri Ellen

Owner of Nature’s Pet Market

“(Our employees) were definitely excited about yet another thing we can provide that benefits them.”

Hiram Towle

General Manager of Mount Ashland

“I’m back on track...for saving for retirement without having to put any effort into it.”

Amy Machesic

Stained Glass Artist

  1. Finding the Links between Retirement, Stress, and Health, 2016
  2. AARP Access to Workplace Retirement Plans by Race and Ethnicity Fact Sheet, based on EBRI research.