Employer portal

Registration was easy, so is account set up and employee enrollment

Log on to your company’s OregonSaves account to get started. We recommend tackling the setup of your account in this order. Refer to the Employer Handbook or Registration Checklist for more additional details on the process.

You decide who will help facilitate OregonSaves at your company. If it's not you, and is instead one of your employees, you can delegate authority and responsibilities to them. If you assign a delegate — and you can have more than one — you will need to tell us who they are, how to reach them, and what role they will fill.

Ability to: Payroll Processor Supervisor Administrator
Add/edit employees
Edit payroll lists
Submit contributions
Add delegates  
Edit company and bank info    
Change delegate access    

Depending on the role you assign any delegates, you may be able to ask them to complete a portion or all of the remaining set up.

You can also choose to add associates from your external payroll provider to help you facilitate OregonSaves. You can assign one or more payroll representatives by providing their company information, contact information, and how they will be interacting with your account.

OregonSaves is administered through your payroll process. To get started, you must add at least one payroll to your account. To help ensure you don't start payroll deductions before the 30-day employee opt out period is complete, the system will prompt you for a payroll date that is at least 30 days from the date you create the payroll list.

The way you choose to organize your payroll is entirely up to you. You can do what makes sense for you and your existing structure. If you have multiple locations, setting up a separate payroll for each location may make sense. If you have some employees on salary, while others are hourly, you can keep them on separate payroll lists. The same goes for full or part time status, payroll cycle, etc. You can add a new payroll, manage an existing payroll, and even reassign employees to different payroll lists at any time.

Once your payrolls are set up in the system, you need to tell us which employees to include in each payroll. It is important to enter their information accurately and if available to include their email address. There are two ways to add employees:

  • If you only have a few employees to add, typing in their information one by one is likely the easiest method.
  • If you have many employees to add, we recommend using Excel. While logged in, you should download the template, copy and paste in your list of employees into the template, and upload it into your account. To prevent upload errors you must follow the format of the template. If there is an error, we’ll identify it for you so you can make the update and upload a new file.

After you add your employees, OregonSaves will verify their identity. Once confirmed, OregonSaves will contact them to let them know they have 30 days to claim their account or opt out of the program. If you provided email addresses for your employees, they will get this notice by email; those employees without email addresses will get the notice by physical mail. We have resources for you to help make sure your employees are looking for this notice.

During your usual payroll process, you should deduct a portion of each participating employee’s pay and remit it to the plan. The default contribution rate is 5% of gross pay, and your employees can change that rate as frequently as once per month, or opt out of contributions at any time. The OregonSaves message center in the employer portal will alert you to employee contribution rate changes so you know when you need to make updates.

Savings information to keep in mind:
By default, the contribution rate for employees is 5 percent of gross pay, but they can choose to save at other rates in 1 percent increments.

Beginning in 2019, contributions will automatically increase by 1 percent each year (for each employee that has been making deductions in the program for at least 6 months) until the deductions reach 10 percent, unless the employee opts out of this annual increase.

Contributions will be made into a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) in the employee’s name – this means that savings are made after taxes have been taken out.

While you will automatically enroll your employees into OregonSaves, those employees with higher incomes may not be eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. If an employee earns more than the Roth IRA income limits set by the federal government, they may need to opt out of OregonSaves. Please see the contributions page on saver.oregonsaves.com for more information.

For 2017, employees can save up to $5,500 per year if they are younger than 50 and $6,500 per year if they are 50 or older. You will not be responsible for monitoring if employees are nearing the contribution limit; we’ll take care of that for you by stopping contributions when this limit is reached.

quote-mark-open.png Overall, it’s been a smooth, user-friendly process to get the accounts established and the supplemental materials have been helpful in introducing the program to our employees. quote-mark-close.png

Sarah Huston, Bookkeeper, Square Deal Lumber, Springfield

quote-mark-open.png The instructions and steps are user friendly and easily understood. When I have run into small snags the people at the help line have been extremely helpful and friendly and have been able to either walk me thru or fix whatever issues I’ve had. quote-mark-close.png

Sarah Minshall, Finance Director, Rogue Retreat, Medford