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OregonSaves has an administrative charge, paid by the savers, for the administration of the program and the operating expenses charged by the underlying investment funds in which the program’s portfolios are invested.

Here’s how it breaks down:


This fee is collected in the form of an annual asset-based fee of approximately 1%. This means your employees will pay approximately $1 per year for every $100 in their account.

The fee covers all administrative costs associated with the program, such as

  • the cost of maintaining your account
  • oversight of the program’s investments
  • providing customer service
  • keeping records
  • online and phone services
  • the operating expenses of the underlying investment funds in which the investment options are invested

Your employees will not get a bill. This fee is computed daily and netted from the assets in an investment option. This means when investment returns are credited to saver accounts, the fee is automatically deducted from the return to help pay for the administration of the program.