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Download the files they need

We've compiled a list of program documents, educational materials, and flyers for you to share with your employees. These resources will be valuable pieces to help your employees understand the program and the benefits of joining OregonSaves, as well as contain essential information to enroll in or opt out of the program. Employee participation in OregonSaves is completely voluntary and they can opt out at any time.

Auto-enrollment Notification
Spanish Auto-enrollment Notification
Use this fact sheet to provide your employees with notice of OregonSaves auto-enrollment and an at a glance look at the program.

Opt-out Form
Spanish Opt-out Form
While the easiest way for an employee to opt-out of participating is online, this form is available for those without internet access.

Communication to your employees
Use this templated communication to let your employees know that your company is facilitating OregonSaves.

Employee Fact Sheet
Spanish Employee Fact Sheet
This overview gives employees information about the program and the standard saving choices.

All about OregonSaves video

This animated video will help you share the features and benefits of OregonSaves with your employees in under three minutes.


Print and display this poster in high traffic areas to promote OregonSaves:

English 8 ½ x 11

Spanish 8 ½ x 11

English 11 x 17

Spanish 11 x 17

Do your employees still have questions? Feel free to direct them to the Saver Educational Tools webpage.